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About Single Parent Coalition

From the beginning, Single Parent Coalition has been driven by the interests of our engaged community. Our Relationship Advice Community is dedicated to enhancing the virtual experience for everyone involved. We are a great resource, offering opportunities for users to engage with each other in an interesting and safe online environment.



Single Parent Coalition was established over ten years ago to help singles know and understand their rights in the unfortunate circumstance of divorce or separation. The organization was founded by Stephanie Holly Harris whose life experience and personal testimony have been the fuel and driving source behind its message.


The organization began under the name “Uniquely Singles,” and has grown into its new identity “Single Parent Coalition.” With the sole purpose to expand its reach across the globe through its internet presence, and be a resource of information for single-parent families navigating the legal process of custody battles, divorce, or separation. SPC’s mission is devoted to reaching single-parent homes within the United States and abroad. Its goal is to empower single parents with information that will assist them through a divorce, in managing relationships, building a successful support system, counseling, and peer-to-peer mentorship for both the parent and child.

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