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Do you have a passion to help others succeed in becoming their absolute best?

Do you have a knack for sharing information and engaging others who listen?

If you answered YES, then we need your help!


SPC is aggressively seeking like-minded men and women with a passion to encourage, training, restoring, and supporting other men and women in successfully navigating through the stages of divorce with children, custody rights, building a successful relationship with the separated spouse, and securing the gates of their future. In addition, you will be empowered with information that will help Single parents succeed in every area of life.

As a Chapter Leader, you will serve as an agent of hope for parents experiencing life-altering circumstances.

By fostering the principles of the organization you will infuse families with hope and enable them to eliminate negative emotions to overcome obstacles and setbacks. Through SPC chapter leader training and unlimited access to the SPC resource website, you will be equipped with the tools you need to successfully manage a chapter and enjoy the new community of families being built to walk out life together.

Single Parent Coalition, founded by Stephanie Holley Harris, provides information and resources to empower single-parent families. Partnering with Labor of Love Ministry, Single Parent Coalition supports single parents globally, offering tools to successfully navigate custody battles, divorce, and separation. Through its online community, Single Parent Coalition facilitates connection, mentorship, and shared experiences, ensuring single parents have support systems.

We are honored to have this powerful help in our Ministry programming and look forward to years of success together."

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1. People with a passion for seeing healthier families become a reality.
2. People who want to help others while helping themselves.
3. People who believe they can lead others through the valley of execution.
4. People who can tap into their circle of influence and encourage others
5. People who believe in the power of giving.
6. People who believe that the vision of Single Parent Coalition mirrors their own.
7. Must be an active member of SPC or willing to become an active member


Chapters can be established in your town, city, and state. Nationally and internationally, multiple chapters can be formed. For example, Atlanta, GA which includes several areas within the metro area, including; Atlanta, Athens, Clarke, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Druid Hills, College Park, etc. More than one chapter can be established in each city and may act independently of each other.


Your chapter leadership begins with one click! Simply contact our office at stating your interest in joining the SPC team as a chapter leader/representative.


Your entry interview will be scheduled and you will be well on your way to joining Team SPC as a chapter leader/representative! Each chapter applicant is personally interviewed by the Founder, Stephanie Harris, or a member of the SPC executive staff. After an expression of vision and synergy through collaboration has been established, the following steps will be taken to start a chapter in your area:

  1. You will need A dedicated meeting place (could be a Starbucks, Barnes And Noble, Your home, community building, etc.)

  2. Access to the SPC website and the ability to listen to a live stream via the internet (for the initial live video stream and a welcome address from the founder or a member of the executive staff)

  3. Ability and willingness to attend in person or via live stream leadership training sessions for chapter leaders/representatives at least 1 week after your application approval. (Once training has been successfully completed you will be awarded a SPC chapter leadership certificate to display during your chapter meetings as well as the SPC chapter leader certified digital Seal of approval to display on your personal website or social media pages.)


Your chapter certification has an investment of $75.00. (Can be made in 1 payment or 3 installments) With a yearly renewal fee of $25.00. This investment covers:

  • Your application process

  • Your initial coaching call with our founder or executive member of our SPC staff (Strategic Planning Session approx. 45 min call)

  • Certificate of approval and digitally certified Seal of approval

  • Initial SPC monthly membership fee

  • Renewal fee covers yearly online chapter leader/representative training access, certificate & digital seal (A $250.00 value)


As a chapter leader, you will be a part of TEAM SPC and will be joining men and women of like mind who are passionate about serving, leading, and watching others succeed. You will be family to other SPC chapter leaders supporting others through legal issues, and custody challenges, and helping them spring forward into a new future. Your SPC chapter leadership benefits also include:

  • 1 initial strategic planning coaching call

  • 1 additional 30-minute coaching session (this call will be coordinated and scheduled to fit both schedules and can be used at any time throughout the year.)

  • SPC leadership training sessions (For SPC Chapter Leaders Only)

  • SPC Chapter Leader Certificate/ Digital Seal of Approval

  • Executive leadership access

  • Be the first to gain access to important material and/or resources

  • Yearly VIP access to SPC annual Board Meeting/Vision Casting Sessions

We’d love to hear from you! Be intentional; make the connection today

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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