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Welcome Home! We’re excited that you have found us here, and even more excited that you are taking the next step in becoming a part of our family. Single Parent Coalition is a community of people discovering, learning, encouraging, and empowering each other through life lessons and testimonies in overcoming custody battles, divorce, separation, and the everyday balance of parenting. We hope you make yourself at home here. As an SPC member, you will have access to a wealth of information we trust will empower you, educate you, and thrust you forward in life.


Our community of men, women, and their children enjoy learning at Single Parent Academy and having access to our community of industry professionals and attorneys. This space is your place for understanding family law, staying up to date with governmental issues for single-parent families, engaging in a wealth of resources and topics for community support, counselors, advice blogs, and media for health, healing and restoration, peer-to-peer mentoring for your children, budgeting, parenting tips and much, much, more.




$19.00 monthly
($199.00 for the year, discounted)

As an SPCEmpower Member you will enjoy full access to the membership site, attorney and industry professionals, access to “Ask The Expert” corner, monthly newsletters, meeting, seminar, conference, and event discounts, discounts on all apparel, and online media, community support, counselors, advice blogs, and media for health, cooks corner, healing and restoration, peer to peer mentoring for your children, budgeting, parenting tips, and much, much, more. Child membership is free with adult paid membership.

$42.00 monthly

As a SPCIgnite Member you will enjoy all the benefits of SPCEmpower members as well as two 30 min Life Coach sessions, one health and wellness analysis, one Attorney consult coupon, special discounts for learning seminars, events, and products, and an unlimited wealth of resources for building members and family. Child membership is free with adult paid membership.

$83.00 monthly

As a SPCLifeMaster Member you will enjoy all of the benefits of an SPCEmpower, and SPCIgnite Member. You will also receive 6 Life Master Coach sessions with a licensed professional (sessions can be in person if residing in the Atlanta, GA area but are subject to scheduling). In addition to your Life Master coaching sessions you will receive counseling location assistance for parent and child, inspirational messages, VIP access at all SPC events, and a special invitation to SPC annual SPCLifeMaster retreat. Child membership is free with adult paid membership.

SPC LifeMaster Coaching

SPCIgnite and SPCLifeMaster coaching sessions are one on one conference calls, or video conference calls with an SPC Master Coach. These one-on-one sessions are designed to help coach the member through difficult life moments in dealing with custody battles, divorce, separation, parenting, and rebuilding a home after separation or divorce.

SPC LifeMaster Retreat

SPCLifeMaster Retreat is a yearly event for SPCLifeMaster members. This retreat is an opportunity for SPCLifeMaster Members to experience one on one time and group sessions with Life Master Coaches, SPC Attorney Professionals, Counselors, Health and Wellness Coaches, and other industry experts regarding parenting, separation, family management, and much more. This destination retreat is planned for equipping members with the tools needed to succeed in everyday life as single parents. You will also connect with other members experiencing similar issues and hear their stories on overcoming obstacles through the journey of separation or divorce.

SPC Events are designed to equip members with the tools needed to succeed in everyday life as single parents. You will hear from Attorneys and industry experts on relevant topics concerning child custody, separation, divorce, and dealing with stepparents. You will also receive valuable information on parenting, health, and wellness, along with faith-centered topics on healing, restoration, and forgiveness.

Attorney Professionals

SPC attorneys are licensed professionals with specific knowledge of family law, which includes but is not limited to child custody, divorce, separation, wealth management, etc. These professionals are available to SPC members through the SPC online community and SPC events.

Industry Professionals

SPC industry experts are professionals in health and wellness, parenting, childcare, licensed counselors, social workers, and much, much more. These professionals are available through the SPC online community and SPC events.



• We Value Family
• We Value Faith
• We Value Forgiveness
• We value shared custody
• We Value Positive Encouragement
• We Value Forgiveness
• We Value Parent-to-Parent Relationships
• We believe “I am not successful until my family is successful” (Ute Proverb)


Family is one of the most sacred forms of community in the world today. It is the foundation that we build strong healthy relationships and quality individuals to be active leaders within our society. Single Parent Coalition believes in family. We believe in raising healthy families regardless of situational status. We believe in “YOU!” Become a part of our family today, and let's journey together down life’s path to successful living.


JOIN Single Parent Coalition TODAY! Start Living The Life You Desire and Understand Your Rights As a Single Parent, Divorced Single Parent, or Step Parent. Let Us Support YOU!! With Your Monthly Membership, you will receive Unlimited access to resources that will help You In The Areas Of:

• Parenting
• Finance
• Relationship Building
• Mental Health
• Peer-To-Peer Mentoring (Mom, Dad, & Kids)
• Family Counseling
• Coping with Divorce (Mom, Dad, & Kids)
• Access to Free online training
• Discounts to All SPC events and Situational Workshops
• Free Webinars from our Legal and Parenting Experts, and much, much more!

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