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Founder and CEO

Stephanie Holly Harris is a single mom, entrepreneur, and community activist. Her life mission is to be light, and empower single parents in her community, and around the world with knowledge for the restoration of the single parent's home mind, body, and spirit in the unfortunate event of divorce or separation.

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My Story

Following a divorce in 2001, Stephanie became a single mother. Like millions of others faced with similar circumstances, Stephanie bravely battled through many emotional, financial, and spiritual struggles in an effort to build the best life possible for herself and her children. Inspired by her own experiences, in 2006, Stephanie founded “Uniquely Singles”, what is known today as “Single Parent Coalition,” an online community that will serve as a resource of support for single parents and educate them single of their rights, and means of support when facing custody battles, divorce, separation.

Stephanie attended Agape School of World Evangelism in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is currently an active member of World Changers Church International. She has a background in business management and has put her skills to work for numerous businesses, community outreach programs, and faith-based organizations. Her passion is to help others and is resolute in trying to discover ways to assist single parents like her. Her goal is to help single parents realize their dreams as they discover the great plans God has for them in this life. Stephanie and her children currently reside in Georgia.

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